Today is Friday, and since it’s a long weekend and all, it’s the day that all of us are returning back home. We haven’t returned home to our parents in a long time because of our preoccupation with our studies and college activities. Even if this holiday is not that long, only for four days, you still want to return home.

You reach your destination. Trying to contact your father to fetch you, you receive no answer. You look around you. The atmosphere is littered with dust and smoke. You’re puzzled. What has happened? You hitch a ride with a passing car to return home. Arriving, you’re shocked. Your house is gone! All that’s left is rubble. You breakdown and cry. You ask your neighbours about your family. They merely bow their heads and ask you to be patient. You just scream and scream letting it all out.

Imagine this happening to you. Returning not to your cozy house but instead a pile of rumble. What’s left of your family is simply just a photograph.

Let’s stand together protesting against Israel’s deliberate violation of Palestinian’s human rights. More than thousands have been killed, most of them women and children. Schools, hospitals and even cemeteries are bombed. Over 1.5 million Palestinians are stuck in an area of merely 10 by 40 km with nowhere to run as their borders are blocked and they are left without food, medicine and even clean water to drink.

Hamas was accused of violating the cease fire agreement by launching rockets to Israeli soil. However, the truth is that they were surrounded for 18 months without food or medicine being allowed in. Even before the war began on 27th December last year, the people of Gaza were already forced to consume grass as they had no other food to eat. They had no choice but to attack.

Israel claims that they attack terrorist. However, are people who fight to protect their country terrorist? Who is it that attacked schools that is surely filled with children that are studying? Who is it that attacked hospitals that is filled with the sick and those injured and unable to fight. Who is it that attacked a UN building that housed people searching for refuge but clearly there is none. Who is it that made 3 generations of Palestinians to not live in chaos?

Day by day, people die but these are not people who are able to stand and fight but rather made up of young children, women and the old who are clearly disabled