Let's see.What homework I have for this semester holiday. Hmmm. Writing comment about something(I don't remember) and reading a novel for IELTS. Doing past years question for biology. Doing all exam question in text book for maths. And some quest papers for chem.

What I need to do? Understanding and memorizing facts for bio and chem(I've done two chapters for chem). Do more exercise on math(need to reopen my add math file).

Let's see. What I have done. Watching movies and koreans. Play winning eleven. Reading novels(not the novels ordered by Miss Rena). And for sure, sleep.

Now let's see. What I planned to do. Shopping at Plaza Gambut with Shampoo. Playing futsal(reunion of SMAI boys). And???I don't know.

After all, my heart and memory still left at Kg.Spaoh. OMG.
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